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47% of U.S. Employees Forced to Self-Train Due to Lack of Knowledge Transfer from Retiring Employees

As senior employees prepare to exit the workforce, 84% of U.S. employees say it’s a big loss when older employees retire without passing on their years of knowledge to younger employees. And when the transfer of knowledge fails to happen, workers can be left learning how to do a job on their own with nearly […]

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Despite Labeling Two Weeks’ Notice a Courtesy, Majority Agree Companies Will Not Rehire Former Employees Without One

The majority of U.S. adults (87%) say employees are familiar with the concept of providing a two weeks’ notice to employers upon leaving. However, despite stating this advance notice is merely a courtesy (61%) as opposed to a requirement (39%), 53% believe companies would never rehire someone without it. (more…)

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Majority of Employees Favor Semi-Retirement with a Flexible Work Schedule

As baby boomers continue to reach retirement age, two-thirds (67%) say their company is well prepared to handle their departure. However, less than half of these employees (48%) report their company has an adequate successor in place when the time comes. One way to help ease this transition is for companies to offer “semi-retirement” to […]

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62% of Companies Predict Operations Will Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels Going into Next Quarter

Looking back over the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, company experiences varied widely across the United States with 32% saying they struggled quite a bit. However, 62% of businesses predict operations will return to pre-pandemic levels going into the next quarter with another 27% believing this will happen further into 2022, according to a […]

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