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“Active Listening and Relevant Questions” Most Improve a Job Candidates’ Chances

In February, we asked our readers what most improves a candidate’s chances during a job interview, and with 21% of the votes, “actively listens and asks relevant questions” was the top choice. “Skills and experience/work history” was second with 18%, followed by “engaging personality/enthusiasm” with 15%. The rest of the results were as follows: Cultural […]

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The Results Are In: The Least Helpful Cliché Interview Questions

In April, we asked our readers to pick the least helpful interview questions and with 40% of the votes, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” was the top choice followed by “What is your greatest strength/weakness?” in second with 24%. The rest of the results came in as follows: Can you walk me […]

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Question of the Month: What is the Least Helpful Cliché Interview Question?

We’ve all heard stories about big innovative companies like Google or Apple asking bizarre, seemingly unanswerable interview questions. The idea is to challenge the candidate and see how well they think on their feet—however, the effectiveness of such questions often produces mixed results.  Most hiring managers tend to stick to the standard, cliché interview questions […]

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