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The Results Are In: Top Desired Characteristics of a Job Candidate

In the current employment market, hiring managers and recruiters are working overtime to find qualified candidates to fill open job orders. But what are they looking for? In a past poll question, we asked what “red flags” leaders are overlooking to find employees, yet to build a talented team you need specific characteristics needed. In […]

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Practical Tips for New Leaders: Interviewing and Hiring

Successfully leading a team can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a professional’s career. However, addressing a diverse group effectively can be difficult for new leaders. From open communication and recognition to delegation and empowerment to self-awareness and empathy, there are a plethora of leadership arrows professionals must carry in their quivers to […]

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“Active Listening and Relevant Questions” Most Improve a Job Candidates’ Chances

In February, we asked our readers what most improves a candidate’s chances during a job interview, and with 21% of the votes, “actively listens and asks relevant questions” was the top choice. “Skills and experience/work history” was second with 18%, followed by “engaging personality/enthusiasm” with 15%. The rest of the results were as follows: Cultural […]

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