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June Feature

Five Steps for Crafting a Quick and Effective Elevator Pitch

According to the late author and motivational speaker Zig Zigler, “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” You never know when you might cross paths with someone who could impact your career or become your next big client. So, it’s important to have a well-crafted “elevator pitch” ready to go when you need to introduce yourself […]

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Social networking infographic

Infographic: The Art & Science of Networking

Professional networking today is much more than handshakes and polite small talk at an organized business function. With the proliferation of social media and other communication technologies, opportunities to connect with the movers and shakers from your industry abound. Check out this infographic from NetWorkWise for some great insight into the art and science of […]

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Five Questions to Have on Hand at Your Next Networking Event

As you advance in your career, it’s very likely the next step up the corporate ladder won’t come through an online application, but rather through your professional networks. According to research from Interview Success Formula, an online interview preparation program, 80% of available jobs are never advertised. And, if you’re solely relying on applying online, […]

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