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Young men and women discussing at the cafe.

Diversity vs. Inclusion and Why They Matter

Current work philosophy dictates the best possible team is one chock-full of varying viewpoints, personalities, and skills. Differences in opinion and beliefs result in more stimulating brainstorming sessions and a higher degree of innovation overall. Many employers are starting to embrace “diverse” workplaces with employees coming from a wide range of walks of life. But […]

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Awareness of Heat-Related Illness Will Keep Your Employees Safe this Summer

We’re just a few days away from the official start of summer, which means much warmer temperatures and working conditions for many workers. So, it’s important to check in with your employees and raise awareness of heat-related illnesses for those who work outdoors or in other hot and humid conditions. Who’s At Risk The workers […]

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Infographic: How to Say No at Work

Saying “no” isn’t always easy—especially in the workplace when the stakes are high and the consequences can be far-reaching. Check out this infographic from GetVoIP.com, a business VoIP provider, for some great tips and best practices for saying “no” at work.

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Does the iPhone Hurt Workplace Etiquette?

With the recent launch of the iPhone 4, smart phones are once again the talk at the water cooler as co-workers chat up the phone’s features (and bugs) and compare notes on the latest in smart phone technology – from Android to Blackberry to iPhone and beyond. According to a recent ComScore study, over 45 […]

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What’s Your Top Challenge?

As we come upon the halfway mark of the year, are things going just as you had planned, or are you dealing with the unexpected? Either way, we want to know – what’s your top challenge at work? Let us know by voting in this poll!

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