The Workplace Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has become synonymous with cleaning. In North America, it has become the go-to season for millions to deep clean homes, get rid of unnecessary clutter, and organize everything. However, doing these chores isn’t just reserved for the home, they can also benefit your workspace. Before you do a complete overhaul of your 40-hour-a-week home, start with this checklist!

Organize your filing cabinet.

Like a closet is to a room, so is your filing cabinet to your office. If your filing cabinet isn’t organized, your office won’t be organized. Take all your papers and files out, decide what needs to stay, throw away or recycle what isn’t relevant, then organize what you are keeping. Whether chronologically, alphabetically, or in order of relevance, choose a method that works for you.

Clean out your office drawers.

I’m sure most people have a junk drawer at home—a one-stop spot for all your miscellaneous items. Often times, our drawers at the office can turn into these types of storage spaces. Having a desk that appears to be clean and de-cluttered isn’t helpful if everything you need is thrown into drawers and cabinets. Use the same method you use to clean the filing cabinet—keep only the essentials. Have a drawer for specific items; remember the old idiom, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Take home nonessentials.

From a gym bag and unused books to that extra winter coat, most people tend to have nonessentials in their workspaces.  Having extra stuff in and around your workspace can be detrimental to your focus and productivity. Your desk doesn’t need to be completely void of your personality, but it may be helpful to decide what you use during your workday and what can be deemed nonessential. What you don’t use and what doesn’t raise your productivity, take home.

Spray down your desk.

Regardless of how clean you are, germs are everywhere. And, with all the time you spend in close proximity with co-workers, illnesses are bound to spread. Maintain a high level of caution by wiping down your desk at least once a week, if not at the end of each workday. Using a simple disinfectant spray will help keep the germs at bay and your worktop looking great. Your health and co-workers will thank you.

Dust and air spray your electronics.

If you work in an office, chances are you spend most of your time in front of a computer. And the elements of your digital workspace tend to attract the most unwanted particles. Monitors tend to be an attractive home for dust bunnies, and keyboards can also be an unwarranted receptacle for dirt and dust. At the end of each week, take the time to wipe down your computer and spray your keyboard. This is a good habit to form because it also helps keep your workspace germ and allergen free.

Is there something we left off the checklist? What do you do when you spring clean your office? Let us know in the comments section below!

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