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The Results are In: What Is Your Ideal Office Layout?

In March, we asked our readers what kind of physical office layout they prefer in their ideal work environment. “A mix between cubicle and offices” took the top spot with 55% of the votes, followed by “all private offices” in second with 19%. “Remote work spaces (i.e. coffee shops, home office, etc.)” was third with […]

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Business people practicing yoga

4 Important Statistics about Employee Wellness Programs

In a 2011 study of occupation-related physical activity, researchers discovered that overall energy expenditure in the workplace has dramatically decreased during the last five decades. According to the study:  “In the early 1960s, almost half the jobs in private industry required at least moderate intensity physical activity, whereas now less than 20% demand this level […]

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Man walking into bright future

Lateral Climb: Moving Forward When You Can’t Move Up

Climbing the “corporate ladder” has long been the driving force behind many ambitious professionals looking to stake a claim to their corner of the business world. From recent grads looking to prove their mettle to seasoned executives eager to take on newer and bigger challenges, upward momentum is often viewed as the most important measure […]

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Runner crossing finish line

In Their Own Words: 4 Characteristics of Champion Athletes to Instill in Your Workforce

Athletes who play at the most elite levels don’t reach the top by chance. They spend a lifetime developing the unique set of skills they need to achieve their goals and position themselves for success. As a business leader, you want to instill many of the same characteristics that make pro athletes great into your […]

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Successful Woman Sunrise New York City Skyline

Wired for Success: 4 Habits of High Achievers

Why do some people just seem to be wired to win? It would be easy to chalk it up to dumb luck or being in the right place at the right time, but for most high achievers, there’s actually a lot more going on than you may think. A few important habits that are shared […]

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Going Ahead to Year 2017

Year in Review: The Top 10 Posts of 2016

Another year is almost in the books, and most people are already looking toward starting the new year. We’re gearing up to start 2017 off on the right foot and look forward to bringing you more great content, including in-depth analysis of current events, motivational anecdotes, quick tips, and much more. But, before you put […]

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Businessman Shaking Another Businessman's Hand on a Podium During a Presentation in Front of an Applauding Audience

The Results Are In: Most Companies Will Give Cash Bonuses to Show Appreciation

In November, we asked readers how they planned to show appreciation to their employees this holiday season. According to the results, “cash bonuses” is the top choice with 26% of the votes. Only 8% of respondents said they would not distribute any kind of bonus/gift to their employees this year. The rest of the results […]

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Happy colleagues

Attitude of Gratitude: Why Thankful People Are Successful People

Legendary author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said “gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” We all know people who are eternally positive. They relish the opportunity to start a new day and […]

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It’s All In Your Head: 4 of the Biggest Self-Inflicted Obstacles

When working toward achieving a lofty goal, you’re bound to run into a roadblock or two. However, the most difficult challenges to overcome are often the ones we create for ourselves. Have you ever fallen victim to any of these self-inflicted obstacles? Procrastination In a survey conducted by, 64% of employees said they visit […]

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Group of people on peak mountain

Clearing the Path: The 4 Biggest Obstacles to Teamwork Success

Great teams can accomplish amazing feats—assuming they’re adequately equipped to handle the occasional obstacle along the way. There are many reasons why even the closest-knit teams can fall apart, but if you’re informed about the potential pitfalls from the beginning, you’ll be better prepared to address these four obstacles to teamwork success. Communication barriers The […]

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