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Ted Talk: The Puzzle of Motivation

Leading a productive team involves not only engaging and retaining employees, but it also requires a strong leadership skill: the ability to motivate others. In his Ted Talk, “The Puzzle of Motivation,” career analyst Dan Pink explains that traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as business leaders think. Check out the video below to learn […]

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Leading Up: 3 Keys to Upward Leadership

Effectively leading employees is paramount to creating a strong, successful culture in any organization. However, in some instances, there are blurred lines between the leaders and those being led. According to leadership expert John Maxwell “Most leaders want to lead, not be led. But most leaders also want to have value added to them. If […]

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Leading by the Numbers: What Your Enneagram Says About You as a Leader (Type 9: The Peacemaker)

Leading by the Numbers is a 10-part series.  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is imperative to not only leading others, but also leading yourself effectively. But the make-up of great leaders doesn’t just lay in the balance of the pros and cons scale, it is the amalgamation of intricate character traits and […]

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Business Lessons from COVID-19: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

Full-time remote work for employees was out of the question for most companies a few short months ago, but after weathering a pandemic that changed how we work almost overnight, business owners say there are several lessons to take away from this time–the good, the bad and the unknown. (more…)

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TED Talk: The Cost of Workplace Stress

Stress in the workplace is one of the biggest hindrances to office morale, creativity, and overall productivity. Despite this, stress is also one of the most prevalent issues employers and employees face. The cost is high, but there is a solution. In his TED Talk, “The Cost of Workplace Stress–and How to Reduce It,” wellness […]

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Four Quick Tips for Leading Remotely Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although work from home arrangements have been a steadily growing trend among businesses for several years, the majority still maintain fairly traditional office work environments. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the script and forced many companies to quickly adapt to address shelter-in-place and quarantine guidelines and regulations. And for many, it has been a […]

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Kenny Rogers: Leadership Lessons from the Gambler

Kenny Rogers: Leadership Lessons from the Gambler

Grammy award-winner and Country Music Hall of Fame Member Kenny Rogers was a cultural icon and changed the way modern country music was produced and enjoyed around the world. In honor of Rogers, who passed away this past month, Refresh Leadership decided to extract some lessons from the gambler himself by breaking down one of […]

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RL 4-6-2020

Becoming the Leader Your Team Needs in Times of Uncertainty

How would you respond to a crippling crisis that affects your team? Who would your employees look toward to lead them through troubling times? These are questions that may have seemed hypothetical two months ago but are now real issues that business leaders across the world are facing. We are in an unprecedented situation with […]

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Maintaining Morale with a Remote Workforce

There has been a monumental shift in the past month on how companies conduct business. Brick-and-mortars have closed their doors and opened virtually. Traditional businesses are trading in the suit and tie for home offices and video conferencing. Whether your organization was ready or not, this global pandemic has forced the workplace to adapt, for […]

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Leading in the Gap: Understanding What the Individual Needs to be Successful

Feeling like a lone-wolf leader can be one of the most anxiety-inducing situations in which individuals can find themselves. But that is exactly what it feels like when you’re leading in the gap. From senior leadership expectations to generational differences to communication issues, being pulled from two separate directions, while simultaneously tasked to bring two […]

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