Leadership Should Be Difficult

Leadership isn’t easy. People and employees who think being a leader means sitting in the corner office, taking three-hour lunches and spending afternoons on the golf course are sadly mistaken. Leadership is difficult—and leadership should be difficult. Why? Because at its heart, being a leader is about bringing people together with a shared vision in […]

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What Is Your Ideal Office Layout?

Not all offices are created equal. Some organizations gather in an open-concept bullpen, while others fill large commercial office buildings with endless rows of cubicles. From leadership, communication, and productivity perspectives, each design has its own set of pros and cons. Since most professionals spend at least 40 hours a week in their home away […]

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Survey: Employers More Optimistic About Wage Increases

40% Predict Rising Wages; Only 1% See Wages Declining Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing employers’ predictions for wage growth throughout the next three months. In a survey of 1,951 businesses, respondents were asked, “Over the next three months, do you expect wages in your market to increase, decrease, or stay the same?” […]

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Cheerful business woman

The Results Are In: No. 1 Soft Skill Desired for a Job Candidate is Dependability

In a recent monthly poll by Refresh Leadership, we asked our readers what’s the most important soft skill they look for in a job candidate, and nearly one-third (32%) picked “dependability/reliability.” Coming in second with 23% was “communication (verbal),” followed by “motivation” with 15%. “Teamwork” and “commitment” rounded out the top five with 12% and […]

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Business concept

Problems and Solutions

Ideas and opportunities come disguised as problems. As I travel around the world and meet countless people from every walk of life, they seem to all be looking for the same discoveries or breakthroughs in their lives. Among the most common elements sought by people is a great idea. People are convinced if they had […]

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Runner crossing finish line

In Their Own Words: 4 Characteristics of Champion Athletes to Instill in Your Workforce

Athletes who play at the most elite levels don’t reach the top by chance. They spend a lifetime developing the unique set of skills they need to achieve their goals and position themselves for success. As a business leader, you want to instill many of the same characteristics that make pro athletes great into your […]

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Employers: Job Market Trending Up, Accelerating

Nearly 3 out of 4 Businesses See Improving Situation; Optimism Higher Than 2016 Express Employment Professionals recently released new survey results revealing that employers have overwhelmingly positive perceptions of their local job markets. In a survey of 1,951 businesses, respondents were asked, “As an employer, what is your perception of the current employment environment in […]

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Silhouettes of a team

A Winning Culture: Embracing the Heart of a Champion

Resilient. Hardworking. Dreamer. Proactive. Driven. What makes up the heart of a champion? Characteristics can be defined in simple platitudes, but character is what separates the haves from the have-nots. Character is what creates a champion. In the 1995 NBA Finals, future Hall-of-Famer Hakeem Olajuwon and the sixth-seeded Houston Rockets overcame a lackluster season and […]

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