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The Results Are In: What Type of Perks Does Your Company Offer to Retain Employees?

In a recent Refresh Leadership poll, we asked our readers what type of perks, other than pay, does your company offer to retain employees. And with 51% of the votes, the top response was offering a relaxed dress code. The second highest response was offering employees flextime with 32% of the votes, followed by “none” […]

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How Seasonal Staffing Can Help Your Business During the Fourth Quarter

For many organizations, the fourth quarter represents the busiest time of the year. From higher production demands to an uptick in service needs, these final three months can cause unwarranted stress and anxiety for business leaders. However, using a staffing agency to fill seasonal employment needs takes the hassle out of hiring during the busy […]

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Ted Talk: How Generational Stereotypes Hold Us Back at Work

From understanding generational differences to mitigating conflict in the office between Boomers and Millennials, business leaders have searched high and low for advice on the topic of the five generations in the workforce. However, Social psychologist and professor Leah Georges explains that stereotypes have caused this conflict and “to really understand the beauty of the […]

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Establishing an Environment of Self-Motivation

One of the most debilitating issues that many businesses face on a day-to-day basis is having an uninspired, unmotivated team. As a leader, you can directly tie motivation to how well you perform. So if there is ever a time you feel unmotivated, recall why you’re passionate about what you do, pull yourself up by […]

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Infographic: 5 Productivity Myths Debunked

Productivity is top of mind for companies vying for overall market share and a competitive advantage; however, some myths keep organizations from achieving their full potential. Check out this infographic from Workfront (formally AtTask) to see the type five productivity myths holding companies back.

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Crucial Conversations: Building a Culture of Effective Communication

From engaging the workforce to recruiting and retaining top talent, today’s leader must use all the tools available to not only ensure high-level productivity from team members, but also maintain a sustained level of organizational success. However, there might be one tool missing from a majority of leaders’ toolbelts that could hinder those goals: effective […]

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Canada Employed: Labour Day Poll of White Collar and Grey Collar Workers

A new poll released today by The Harris Poll, commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, provides an in-depth look at the state of white collar and grey collar workers in Canada. The poll found that the vast majority of Canadian white collar and grey collar workers are very happy and optimistic about their work and personal […]

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America Employed: Survey of White, Grey, and Blue Collar Workers

Following the inaugural survey of America’s blue collar workers in 2018, Express Employment Professionals has partnered once again with The Harris Poll to learn more about how today’s white collar workers compare with blue collar employees and those who fall in the middle-grey collar professions. Despite a similar outlook of the future, regardless of collar color, […]

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In the US, 17 Million People Find Work Through Staffing

Express Employment Professionals is in the business of putting people to work. During this time of year we especially like to recognize all of that hard work and thank the employers who provide opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life through a job. To shed light on the impact of the staffing industry and […]

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