What’s An Employer’s Worst Nightmare?

Nightmare-EmployeesFrom creating office drama to making frequent errors and mistakes, a bad employee can be an employer’s worst nightmare.

One terrible worker can cause endless headaches and stress, and can even destroy a company’s hard-earned reputation in an instant. And, bad employees can be shockingly common.

Every company has had their fair share of regrettable hires. From the horrifying to the unbelievable, we want to hear your shockingly bad employee stories.

Once again, Express Employment Professionals is working with Jim Stovall, best-selling author of The Ultimate Gift, now a feature film, and 100 Worst Bosses – Learning from the Very Worst How to Be Your Very Best, to gather stories for his next book, 100 Worst Employees. The tables have turned and now’s your chance to share your story! Simply visit www.worstemployees.com to submit your worst employee or co-worker experience. Your identity, the employee’s identity, and company names will be changed to maintain confidentiality. If your story is selected to be featured in 100 Worst Employees, you will receive an autographed, pre-release copy of the book.

Need some bad employee inspiration to help recall your memories of an awful employee you wish you could forget? Visit Refresh Leadership every Wednesday for our featured bad employee of the week. From movies to history to present day bad employee moments, these employees take the cake.

Domino’s Disaster

This week’s featured employees a firestorm of bad publicity last year. Domino’s pizza employees shocked the world by posting a YouTube video of an employee tainting a delivery order and violating a host of public health codes. The video left Domino’s facing a public relations disaster when it went viral in a matter of hours after being shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. The employees were immediately fired and warrants were issued for their arrest. The Domino’s store where the incident occurred had to be shut down and sanitized from top to bottom. In just a few minutes, those employees did major damage to a 50-year old reputation, and Domino’s is still trying to recover today.

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