The Results Are In: Would a Flat Management Hierarchy Work At Your Company?

In our July poll, we asked you if you thought a flat management type of hierarchy would work at your company. The results were extremely one-sided. You decided that though it’s an interesting concept, it wouldn’t be right for your particular business.

We were intrigued by an article about a company where all decisions, like pay, hiring and firing, and determining which projects to work on, were decided by either co-workers or the individual employees themselves. We thought we would leave it to you to decide if this process would be embraced in your company.

According to the results, 53% of those who participated said it’s an interesting concept, but not right for us. The second largest group with 21% emphatically said there is absolutely no way this would work. While 11% said they are currently using this type of structure, 10% confessed that they would be interested in the concept due to their current system not working.

According to a Gallup poll, workers mostly enjoy personal fulfillment, while office politics are among the most disliked aspects in the workplace. Though this may go against the 53% wanting to keep a corporate ladder structure, it merely points to the more obvious dynamic in the workforce – the need of some form of autonomy. Workers enjoy the structure of traditional offices when it comes to whom to look for in leadership and vision, but also want the chance to rise up individually to better themselves in skillset and position.

If you participated in this poll and want to explain your view or would like to chime in on the discussion, leave a comment about managerial hierarchies in the section below.

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