Engaging the Five Generations in the Workforce: The Baby Boomers

The business environment is constantly evolving. With each passing year, business leaders must be able to adapt to change in order to maintain relevancy in their fields. One change that impacts all aspects of business, however, isn’t from an outside source, but rather from an inside development.

Currently, there are five generations in the workforce. That’s five different groups with five different ways of communicating. Five different views on work-life balance, and five completely different tactics needed for retention and engagement.

Previously, we got to know more about the Traditionalist generation. This week we’ll take a look at the Baby Boomers.

Key takeaways 
Originally called the “Me” generation, these professionals were defined by the prosperous era they grew up in. Baby Boomers excel in their jobs due to a desire for job advancement. Out of habit and concern for financial security, these hardworking, self-sacrificing individuals are delaying retirement—some until age 80. They want to be viewed as mentors, but are uncomfortable with conflict and differing opinions. This group is driven by ambition. Don’t be politically incorrect with Baby Boomers, ignore their contributions, or tell instead of asking. However, make sure to value their experiences, give them credit for their achievements, and offer perks.

Faces of Change
As the workplace evolves, leaders need to evolve with it. It’s critical to understand each generation’s wants, needs, and expectations and how organizations engage with each group. The five different generations all bring their own challenges, but also offer incredible skills that will assist in the overall success of your business.

To help address this challenge, Express Employment Professionals developed the Faces of Change training program that is intended to shed light on the different generations and a few best practices to manage them. For more information, visit ExpressPros.com.

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