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Infographic: Retain Top Talent … Before It’s Too Late

“Eighty eight percent of disengaged employees reported they had some plan to leave their company, and 31% were actively looking.” Check out this infographic from YouEarnedIt, a developer of cloud-based employee recognition and reward software, for some great insight into the impact of employee engagement on your workforce and a few tips to give it […]

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Question of the Month: What’s the Most Important Soft Skill You Look for in a Job Candidate?

Job experience and education are only part of the equation when finding the perfect new employee. Most hiring managers can attest to situations where an applicant looked perfect on paper, but the hire didn’t stick due to a disconnect in the soft skills needed to perform the job. According to the American Society of Training […]

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The Results Are In: Most Companies Will Give Cash Bonuses to Show Appreciation

In November, we asked readers how they planned to show appreciation to their employees this holiday season. According to the results, “cash bonuses” is the top choice with 26% of the votes. Only 8% of respondents said they would not distribute any kind of bonus/gift to their employees this year. The rest of the results […]

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The Results Are In: Are Employee Reviews Still Relevant?

We’re heading into the final stretch of 2016, and for many workplaces, that means it’s time for annual employee reviews. In October, we asked our readers if they believe annual reviews are still relevant, and according to the results, 53% say reviews are relevant—but they should be ongoing throughout the year. Another 17% believe formal, […]

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Question of the Month: How Will You Show Appreciation to Your Employees This Holiday Season?

The best companies know their greatest assets do not lie in fiduciary capitol or gross margin dollars. The greatest assets are their employees. Keeping their employees happy and engaged is what the most successful business do. According to an Aberdeen Group study, 60% of top organizations say employee recognition is extremely valuable in encouraging individual performance. […]

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The Results Are In: Majority of Companies Will Use Current Staff For Seasonal Upswing

In our recent monthly poll, we asked our readers how their companies handle the extra workload during the holiday season, and nearly three-quarters of businesses don’t make any adjustments to their current staff. With 39% of the votes, “we do not make any seasonal adjustments” was the number one answer, followed by “use current staff, […]

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