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Infographic: 11 Things Managers Should Never Say to Their Team (And What to Say Instead)

Being an empathetic leader and maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence can seem like a daunting task. However, one way leaders embrace these characteristics is by understanding the weight of their words and how their communication style affects their teams. Small business credit company Headway Capital points this out and explains best practices to help […]

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Q3 Jobs Outlook: Low Supply, High Demand

Express Employment Professionals released new survey results showing that 77% of businesses plan to continue hiring in the third quarter of 2019-with especially strong hiring in industrial positions. In the survey, which polled business leaders in North America, 36% of respondents also expect wage growth at their businesses. (more…)

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Infographic: Why Having Friends at Work Is Important

From higher productivity to more employee engagement, companies that embrace a culture of friendship know the lasting power it can have in the workplace. Check out this infographic from Officevibe, an online workplace engagement and communications service provider, to learn more about the benefits of having friends at work!

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Worse Job Seeker Habits

The Results Are In: The Most Shocking Interview Behaviors

In a recent Refresh Leadership poll, we asked our readers about the most shocking interview behaviors they’ve witnessed, and a few of them may surprise you. “I was interviewing a registered nurse who ate through the entire interview,” wrote one respondent. “First, a banana … then, a jar of peanuts … then, an apple! All […]

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Question of the Month: Is Your Current Profession Related to Your College Degree?

Question of the Month: Is Your Current Profession Related to Your College Degree?

Many people enter college with clear career goals in mind, while others use those years to figure it out on the fly. Either way, no matter which approach you took to college, it’s very likely that the profession you ended up in after college bears no resemblance to the one you spent four or more […]

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Infographic: A Guide to Starting that Task You’ve Been Avoiding

We all have that one task that always seems to be looming in the background while we try not to notice it. Check out this infographic from NetCredit, an online financial services provider, for some great insight into how to stop procrastinating and attack those pesky tasks head on!

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World change your password day concept, background

The Results Are In: How Often You Change Workplace Passwords

In a recent Refresh Leadership poll, we asked our readers how often they change the passwords on work devices, including computer, mobile phone, apps, etc. And with 49% of the votes, the top response wasn’t all that surprising. Most individuals only change their passwords when they’re told to. The second highest response was “Quarterly” with […]

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Question of the Month: What Are the Most Shocking Interview Behaviors?

Question of the Month: What Are the Most Shocking Interview Behaviors?

From texting to chewing gum to bringing a friend, there are many bad behaviors that may seem obvious to most job seekers. However, if you’ve been in a hiring position for any length of time, you know people can surprise you. For our June question of the month, we want to know what bad behaviors […]

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Talent Wars: How Much Money Does It Take to Keep an Employee?

Good talent is hard to find, and the tight labor market is leading some employers to wage bidding wars over talent. But how much money is enough to convince an employee to turn down a job offer and stay with their current employer? In a recent survey, Express Employment Professionals posed that question to job […]

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Staff hire, train, motivate and retain written on a memo sticks.

The Results Are In: Increasing Pay to Retain Star Employees

In April, we asked readers if a star employee were offered a job with another company, how much of a pay increase over their current salary or wage would they offer to retain them? And with 39% of the votes, the top response was a 5 – 10% increase, followed by an 11 – 15% […]

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