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The Results Are In: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

In September, we asked our readers if their companies’ benefits are skewed toward a specific demographic within their workplace, and with 73% of the votes, the vast majority said their benefits are fairly distributed. Approximately 10% believe parents receive the most benefit. “Men” and “single people” received 5% of the votes each, and “women” received […]

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10-10-2018 Wages Are Up AE Page

In a Hot U.S. Job Market, Why Are Some Still Unemployed?

Wages Are Up, But Many Still Rely on Government Assistance; Express Experts Cite Transportation, Childcare, Healthcare as Key Barriers Wages are on the rise with major employers announcing higher starting wages, but for some Americans, that’s not enough to join the workforce or work more hours. Express Employment Professionals franchise owners report that many Americans who rely on government […]

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CANADA: New Survey: Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Not Ready for Legalized Marijuana

Two-Thirds of Canadian Businesses Polled Are Concerned with Recreational Marijuana Use in the Workplace. Many small- and medium-sized businesses are not ready for the legalization of recreational marijuana, according to a new poll conducted by Express Employment Professionals. With only one week until recreational marijuana use becomes legal, more than 80% of businesses polled have […]

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Question of the Month: What Type of On-the-Job Training Does Your Company Provide?

Question of the Month: What Type of On-the-Job Training Does Your Company Provide?

The first 90 days of a job are a crucial period for new employees. From adjusting to new schedules to meeting co-workers, there’s a lot on their plate. But, perhaps the most important activity that can make or break a new hire’s success is the type and quality of on the job training they receive. […]

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Why Job Seekers Are Turning Down Offers

Express Experts: More Job Offers Turned Down Now Than One Year Ago; Right Fit, Competitive Pay, Quick Start Time are Key Factors Thanks to a tight labor market and the low unemployment rate, employers are facing yet another challenge: an increasing number of applicants who are turning down job offers. Daniel Morgan, an Express Employment Professionals […]

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The Results Are In: How Your Parents Impacted Your Career Path

In August, we asked readers how much influence their parent(s)/guardian(s) had on their career paths, and with 36% of the votes, “my parent/guardian had no influence on my career path” was the top choice, followed by “My parent/guardian encouraged me to achieve a four-year college degree or higher” with 33%. Rounding out the top three, […]

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Blue Collar Workers: Career and Life Satisfaction High; Trust in Elected Officials Low

America’s blue-collar workers may be one of the most optimistic groups in the country today. According to a new study conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals, 85 percent of America’s blue-collar workers see their lives heading “in the right direction.” Sixty-nine (69) percent also say their local communities are heading […]

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Express Employment Professionals Impacts Employment in Canada

Express Employment Professionals is in the business of putting people to work. During this time of year, we especially like to recognize all of that hard work and thank the employers who provide opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life through a job. To shed light on the impact of the staffing industry and […]

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Question of the Month: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

Question of the Month: Are Your Company’s Benefits Skewed?

From healthcare to flexible staffing, there are a wide variety of benefits companies offer their employees as part of their compensation package to help create better work-life balance or attract top talent. And with so many different types of employee benefits, it’s not uncommon for some to unequally benefit one group of employees over another. […]

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Recruiting Crunch: Battling the Barriers Between People and Jobs

There are plenty of job openings. Yet so many people remain unemployed. With unemployment rates reaching new lows, headlines often hide the struggles of families who still feel like they’re down and out because they cannot secure a good job. In so many of these circumstances, something is standing in their way. The Express Employment […]

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