4 Bad Employee Behaviors That Could Be Undermining Your Team

75676678In a world where results are king, it can be easy to overlook a few minor bad behaviors in return for completed projects and met deadlines. But whether an employee is your top performer or just an average worker, turning your head and allowing their inappropriate habits to continue will only harm the team. Your other employees are most likely fully aware of the bad behavior taking place and looking to you to handle it appropriately. Failing to do so can not only harm morale and productivity, it can also lead to higher turnover as your team members leave what they consider an unprofessional or unfair workplace. So make sure to nip these four bad behaviors in the bud fast!

Just because someone squeaks in just in time under the deadline doesn’t make their process of getting there okay. While some circumstances can’t be helped, an employee that repeatedly procrastinates and makes poor time management decisions is bad for business and the entire team. Rewarding their end results gives other employees the impression that strategic planning is no longer needed for their own projects, and it can be a morale dampener if you’re asking others to help out when those projects are in jeopardy.

Bad Attitude
Everyone has their bad days, but they shouldn’t happen on a regular basis. And even when they do, they shouldn’t cause other team members grief. Employees who are always in a bad mood, short with their co-workers or customers, or constantly negative about everything are morale killers. Even if it’s the top sales person in your department, their mean spirit or moody personality is going to cost you. Don’t let them infect your workforce and turn your business into a toxic workplace.

Disregarding the Rules
A little flexibility never hurt anyone, but bending the rules for one employee can cause negative feelings among the rest of the team. An employee that takes extended lunches, shows up 30 minutes late in the mornings, and ignores workplace policies will quickly alienate themselves from the team. And, as the leader, if you don’t correct their behavior, you will quickly lose the respect and trust of your employees.

Late to Meetings
Nothing can cause tempers to flare faster than when someone arrives to a meeting late and all the attendees that arrived on time have to listen to a recap. Reward those who were respectful of your time with a compelling, effective meeting. Instead of reinforcing the bad behavior, deal with it after the meeting to avoid further distractions.

As a leader, your job is to manage a productive workforce and meet your goals. The best way to accomplish this is by ensuring high team morale and confidence in your leadership. Don’t let a few bad behaviors get in between you and your team. Quickly and privately dealing with each bad behavior as it arises will guarantee you and your employees stay on top of your game and play as a team.

4 Responses to 4 Bad Employee Behaviors That Could Be Undermining Your Team

  1. Ron Gilmer July 5, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    I greatly enjoy these “bits” of wisdom. Many we can use immediately. They are an excellent source for thiught and action. I like to share these with our people. We can all improve. The basics make the difference.
    Thanks You!
    Ron Gilmer

  2. DAVID MUTALA May 6, 2014 at 5:46 am #

    thanx 4 d good approach on how to best realize bad behaviors in an organisation.

  3. Kris Cook May 6, 2014 at 8:46 am #

    If you have a busybody employee who analyzes another employee’s desk, who tells another employee how to do her job, or who runs to butt in and “help” any time she hears other employees hammering out a problem, call her down.

    If you have a busybody employee who is hanging around co-worker’s offices, talking and talking, call her down.

    If you hear an employee talking about one of her co-workers in a disparaging way behind her bacl, call her down.

    If you hear a self-righteous employee calling a client’s employee a dumba$$ to a co-worker, call her down.

    If these behaviors only happen behind your back, have a one-on-one with each of your other employees and ask point-blank if this employee has a behavior problem.

    If you let the situation go on and never deal with it, you will lose respect in the eyes of your employees, and morale goes down the drain. As morale goes, so goes productivity.


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