4 Signs Your Employee is Management Material

The best managers often start lower within the ranks of a company and work their way up. There are numerous benefits to promoting and filling management positions from within your business, you just have to recognize the talent you already employ. To make that search easier, here are four key traits to look for. And, if you can find someone that exemplifies all four, then you have probably uncovered management material from right under your nose!

People Savvy
The ability to read people, react appropriately, and communicate well with others are must-have skills for leadership. Most weaknesses are easily manageable if a manager is savvy on how to handle their team. So, look for employees who hold a good rapport with their co-workers, communicate clearly in meetings, and have a talent for diffusing difficult situations.

Takes Ownership
Nothing can dishearten and throw a team off track faster than an indecisive manager. Employees need leaders that are dedicated to their projects and will do what it takes to get them done. In your search for management material, watch for workers who have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to take ownership of their projects and have successfully seen a project through from beginning to end.

Big-Picture Thinker
Most employees can easily focus on their specific duties and complete them in a satisfactory manner. However, the ability to see the big picture of what you ultimately want to accomplish and then break it down into manageable tasks is a talent not everyone possesses. Keep your eye out for employees who have shown the initiative to present their ideas in brainstorming meetings and been able to effectively communicate the over-arching theme, while also laying out all the individual tasks that would need to be accomplished.

Track Record of Results
Ultimately, the mark of a successful leader boils down to their ability to get results. If a manager can’t lead their team to success, then they serve no purpose. While your employees may not have had the opportunity to lead a large team, look for those who have continually done what was needed in order for their projects to be successful.

Promoting from within is a great way to fill your management positions with people who understand the history of your company, know all the personalities involved, and can successfully navigate office politics. All it takes is a keen eye for locating the potential leaders, and a desire to see your team be successful.


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