The Results Are In: Your Stance on Talking Politics at Work

In our August question of the month, we asked about your stance on talking politics at work. Since then, the election rhetoric has only intensified, leading to more opportunities to spark up a debate in the workplace. Fortunately, if the poll results are any indication, most are able to exercise a little restraint in the office. An overwhelming 86% of respondents said they either refrain from talking politics at work (42%) or shut down the conversation when things get heated (44%). The remaining 14% weren’t as quick to back down and said they love a lively debate.

If you do decide to stir up a discussion about this year’s presidential election in your workplace, it’s important to approach the topic with tact. Keep in mind the wide variety of beliefs, backgrounds, and opinions among your coworkers and try to keep an open mind while others explain their views.

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What advice do you have for keeping the conversation respectful when talking about politics at work?

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