The Results Are In: How Companies Give Back to the Community

multi-ethnic volunteer group hands togetherIn June, we asked our readers how their companies give back to the community, and with 26% of the votes, the most popular way to give back is through “donations to charitable organizations.” “Food/blood/clothing drives” and  “sponsoring local charitable events” came in second with 17% each.

The other results were as follows:

  • Organized, company-wide volunteer events – 12.5%
  • Employees allowed time off for volunteer/community involvement – 12%
  • Matching funds for employees’ individual volunteer/fundraising initiatives – 7%

Only 4% of respondents said they do not support any charitable initiatives.

Some respondents chose the “other” option and submitted their own answers to how their companies give back to their communities, including:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Supporting local sports teams
  • International medical relief teams
  • School reading programs
  • Donation of their own products/services to the community

The Business of Doing Good

In addition to helping others, there are many benefits for companies to nurture a culture of giving. In a recent Refresh Leadership article, we highlighted how corporate citizenship makes good business sense:

“According to the 2016 Nielsen Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of customers worldwide are willing to pay more for sustainable brands. Moreover, the Net Impact What Workers Want report found that 45% of workers would take a 15% pay decrease to work a job that makes a social or environmental impact, with 51% citing “making a better world” and “contributing to society” as essential. From startups implementing the buy-one, give-one formula to corporations offering and encouraging matching funds programs to companies paying for volunteer hours, organizations are finding an identity outside of good business and investing in a new venture—the business of doing good.”

What are some unique ways your company gives back to your community? What kind of results has a culture of giving produced? Let us know in the comments section below.

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