The Results Are In: 52% Say Workplace Competition is a Big Motivator

Two irritated businesspeople arguing on each side of a deskIn August, we asked our readers how a little friendly competition among co-workers affects their productivity. And according to the results, 52% say competition is a big motivator.

However, friendly workplace competition doesn’t have the same positive affect on everyone. Another 21% of respondents said “Competition stresses me out more than it motivates,” and 19% said “Competition doesn’t affect me either way.” Eight percent of respondents selected the “Other” option and submitted their own thoughts on the impact completion among co-workers has on productivity and the overall health of a work environment, including:

  • “It both motivates me and stresses me out.”
  • “It is motivating, but I can lose sight on the original goal.”
  • “Our managers use it to get things done, but it only causes problems for employees.”
  • “I compete with myself.”
  • “Competition can make a dysfunctional work group even worse.”

Creating a Competitive Culture
In a recent Refresh Leadership post, we shared some thoughts on how to create a culture of positive competition in the workplace, and a few of the pitfalls to avoid.

“Humans are competitive by nature. Even if it’s something as silly as who gets to sit in the front seat of the car, we’ll find a way to make it a competition. In general, this kind of one-upmanship can be written off as harmless fun. However, it’s important to at least be aware of competitive situations in the workplace. What may start as an innocent game among co-workers can quickly devolve into animosity if taken too far. Your best bet is to harness the competitive energy and use it to the company’s advantage.”

Check out the full article below:

Creating a Positive Competitive Workplace Culture

 How does competition among co-workers affect your productivity? What are some ways it could be a distraction? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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