Have You Cleared the Path for a Successful 2018?

The New Year is here! Are you starting off on the right foot?

There is often a lot vying for your attention at the beginning of a new year, so it’s essential to take every step you can to clear the path for 2018. With fewer distractions in the way, you and your team will be able to buckle down and focus on the tasks and activities that actually move you toward achieving your goals instead of feeling like you’re constantly playing catch up.

Here are a few quick tips to put yourself in the best position for new year success.

Clear the clutter
First and foremost … literally clear the path. From deep cleaning your office or cube to purging old emails and files, ridding yourself of the old junk that’s only getting in your way is an important first step to focusing on the new year.

Wrap up leftover tasks
In the same vein as clearing out the clutter, now is also the time to finish up those last few holdover tasks from 2017. From end of the year reports to paying invoices, there are likely a handful of unresolved items still crowding your plate. The beginning of a new year can be a busy time, so the sooner you can tie up loose ends, the sooner you can devote your full attention to 2018.

Rally the team
Now that the holidays are over and your team is ready to buckle down and get back to work, take some time to regroup and kick off the new year with everyone on the same page. Have a discussion about expectations and important milestones, as well as possible challenges that could derail productivity.

Post your goals
The best way to stay focused is to always have a reminder of where you’re going and what you’re working for. From company initiatives to personal new year resolutions, posting your goals where you and your team will see them every day will help keep you accountable and keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Touch base with colleagues, clients, and vendors
It’s a new year for everyone, so it’s important to check in with your team, as well as other people you work with throughout the new year, including colleagues in other departments, professional organizations you are a part of, and vendors who are also likely in the process of ramping up for 2018. Communicating goals with others who will impact your success is an important step in reaching your goals.

Go to the gym
Nothing clears your mind and prepares your body for a challenging new task like exercise. Whether it’s going for a walk, cycling, or lifting weights, many studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between physical activity and increased levels of motivation and engagement at work.

Start thinking about 2019
No, this doesn’t mean you need to start setting performance goals and planning business strategies for 2019 already. However, it is important to think back through 2017 and all the actions you may have missed or could have taken along the way that would have helped start the new year on a stronger foundation and plan to implement them in 2018.

How have you cleared the path for 2018? What are the biggest challenges that could impact your success? Let us know in the comments section below!

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