Goal Setting: Habits to Embrace in 2023 to Reach Your Goals

As the year comes to a close, now’s the time to envision where you want to be professionally, or perhaps what company goals you want your team to achieve, in the new year. Each January, millions around the world practice the art of goal setting; however, the statistics on New Year’s resolutions aren’t pretty. In fact, the odds are generally stacked against you. According to a study, of those making resolutions, only 9% successfully keep them throughout the year. In fact, 25% fail to keep their resolutions for a week into the new year, and after six months, 54% of goal-setters have dropped out of their pursuit.

Therefore, now more than ever, it is important to not just create the right goals, but to put in place success-inducing habits to support you throughout the new year. Check out these habits to embrace in 2023 to ensure you’re not just another statistic!

Be Clear and Concise About Your Goals

One of the main reasons goal-setters fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions is because when creating goals, many tend to over-commit and over-complicate their vision. One study, found that 35% of participants failed to see their resolutions to fruition because they had unrealistic goals. Moreover, 10% of people said they failed due to creating too many resolutions. When making goals for 2023, be clear and concise, with goals that are simplified and attainable. A great rule of thumb is to follow the tried-and-true S.M.A.R.T. goal formula.

Be Passionate About Your Aspirations

Many who don’t follow through on annual goals fail due to a lack of energetic drive and passion about the goal. You have to want it. Successful people choose what they want most over what they want now. If you aren’t fully committed to achieving a goal, it becomes a nearly impossible task. When determining what resolutions to adopt, first determine the why behind the what to see if each goal is backed by an unrelenting desire to achieve the goal. Otherwise, put that particular resolution on the backburner.

Focus on the Small Steps that Lead to Big Rewards

You’ve heard the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” well, the same is true with goals. People can become overwhelmed by the weight and overall stress of a larger goal. And these types of stressors can cause obstacles to success, leading to procrastination and a feeling of being overwhelmed. To combat these natural tendencies, break up the goals into smaller-to-handle steps. Create habits that make the steps part of your daily routine. For instance, if you want to write a leadership book, don’t focus on the 300-plus pages needed, focus on simply writing for 15 minutes per day. The small steps add up and will lead to fulfilling your goal.

Utilize a Growth Mentality

In a study by Statista, 21% of goal setters said they focused on personal improvement, while 16% selected career or job goals as their most important focus and 13% selected financial goals. While goals can run the gamut between health and wellness to career and business focused, growth and development should be a foundation that all your goals are set on. By focusing on bettering yourself, you will be better suited to achieve production goals in the new year.

What habits do you embrace to ensure you are successful in achieving your New Year’s goals? How do you help your team set and achieve resolutions for 2023? Let us know in the comments section below!

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