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The Great Resignation: Why Workers Are Leaving

Over the past year, North America has seen a seismic shift in employment unlike anything the job market has ever seen. In 2021, more than 42 million employees left their jobs. And between April and August 2021 alone, workers resigned nearly 20 million times, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. This mass exodus was […]

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16 Myers Briggs Leadership Types (Part 4)

As we learned in the Leadership by the Numbers series about the Enneagram types, each person’s unique personality traits help determine the type of leader they are prone to be. Another strong tool to use to uncover leadership tendencies and understanding strengths and weaknesses associated with personality traits is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. (more…)

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48% of US Companies Have Difficulty Recruiting and Filling Open Jobs

U.S. hiring decision-makers are split on whether it is easy (52%) or difficult (48%) to recruit and fill positions at their company, adding the hiring process takes an average of 21 days to complete. This is according to a recent survey from The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals. (more…)

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TED Talk: Leading in an Era of Constant Change

In an ever-changing business environment, it may seem impossible to lead those around you effectively and consistently. However, organizational change expert Jim Hemerling explains that adapting to change doesn’t have to be exhausting–it can be invigorating. In his Ted Talk, Hemerling outlines five ways to lead in an era of constant change centered around a […]

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