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TED Talk: The Future of Leadership

The art of effective leadership is ever-changing, so staying up to date on its evolution is imperative for future success. In her TED Talk, Eve Simon explains the “emergent of ‘Evolutionary Leaders’ who have the greater good in mind and not just leading with an agile mindset but also with a care’ship for next generations” […]

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16 Myers Briggs Leadership Types (Part 4)

As we learned in the Leadership by the Numbers series about the Enneagram types, each person’s unique personality traits help determine the type of leader they are prone to be. Another strong tool to use to uncover leadership tendencies and understanding strengths and weaknesses associated with personality traits is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. (more…)

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11-11-2020 AE Difficulty Recruiting and Filling Jobs Page2

48% of US Companies Have Difficulty Recruiting and Filling Open Jobs

U.S. hiring decision-makers are split on whether it is easy (52%) or difficult (48%) to recruit and fill positions at their company, adding the hiring process takes an average of 21 days to complete. This is according to a recent survey from The Harris Poll commissioned by Express Employment Professionals. (more…)

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TED Talk: Leading in an Era of Constant Change

In an ever-changing business environment, it may seem impossible to lead those around you effectively and consistently. However, organizational change expert Jim Hemerling explains that adapting to change doesn’t have to be exhausting–it can be invigorating. In his Ted Talk, Hemerling outlines five ways to lead in an era of constant change centered around a […]

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TED Talk: Listen, Learn, Then Lead

One of the most overlooked aspects of leading others is learning from those you lead. And, when managing a team of individuals from different generations with multiple backgrounds and skillsets, it can be difficult building a shared sense of purpose. In is TED talk, Four-Star General Stanley McChrystal explains how learning how to listen, learn, […]

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Baseball Article 7-13-20

Play Ball: Leadership Lessons from Baseball Legends

On March 26, 2020, Major League Baseball was set to throw out the first pitch of the 2020 season. Known as Opening Day, the event is the culmination of dozens of offseason trades, renewed contracts, months of preparation, and a date every fan of our national pastime had circled on their calendars. But before the […]

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TED Talk: Creating a Culture that Brings Out the Best in Employees

Building a strong culture at an organization is key to recruiting and retaining top talent. And now more than ever, employees feel emboldened to not leave their passions and values at home, but to work somewhere that aligns with their beliefs. In his TED Talk, leadership expert Chris White explains three ways to create a […]

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On the Job Podcast S4:E2 - Dr. Julie Gurner

On the Job Podcast S4:E2 – Dr. Julie Gurner

Check out the latest episode of Express Employment Professionals’ On the Job podcast! Season 4, Episode 2: Dr. Julie Gurner How can you do your job better, advance in your career, and unlock your potential? Listen along as Dr. Julie Gurner, Executive Performance Coach, shares how to identify and understand behaviors that allow people to […]

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5-13-2020 Hot Jobs AE Graph

Top Markets Needing Workers Now

Despite record unemployment numbers in America due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are still looking for workers as revealed in a recent market analysis of the last 30 days from Express Employment Professionals. Illinois boasts the largest number of job openings through Express at 749, followed by Texas (706), California (553), Tennessee (541), and Pennsylvania […]

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Leading by the Numbers: What Your Enneagram Says About You as a Leader (Type 8: The Challenger)

Leading by the Numbers is a nine-part series.  Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a leader is imperative to not only leading others, but also leading yourself effectively. But the make-up of great leaders doesn’t just lay in the balance of the pros and cons scale, it is the amalgamation of intricate character traits and […]

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