5 Quick Tips for Writing an Employee Thank You Note

RL11-19-15All great leaders know their employees are their greatest assets. So, it’s important to nurture those relationships, and when appropriate, praise those who go above and beyond the call of duty. While bonuses and pay raises are always appreciated, they’re not always an option. Sometimes, a simple note to say thanks is all you need to let a star employee know their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Check out these five quick tips for writing an employee thank you note that is sure to let them know you mean it.

Don’t wait
There’s no time like the present when it comes to doling out the compliments. If you’re going to write a thank you note to an employee who has done something worthy of praise, it’s important to be timely. What better way to cap off a successful project than with a little recognition of a job well done? Plus, the boost of confidence a sincere thank you can provide only helps to keep employees engaged and ready to tackle their next endeavor.

Be specific
Instead of defaulting to a generic “keep up the good work,” be more specific in your thank you message. When you can pinpoint individual details that you most appreciate, your employees will know how invested you were in the project and that you truly understand the effort involved in their success.

Be succinct
It’s important to note that while being specific is crucial, you don’t have to write a dissertation on appreciation. The key is to be thoughtful and succinct with your words without getting too hyperbolic. If you lay it on too thick, the message can come off as excessive and insincere.

Make it handwritten
In the age of instant communication, a handwritten note can speak volumes. Rather than typing up a quick email or sending a text, take a few extra minutes to put pen to paper. The extra time and effort put into crafting a message and writing it out by hand only helps to reinforce how much you truly appreciate an employee’s accomplishments.

Make it public
Although a handwritten thank you note is intended for the individual employee, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a quick shout out in front of their peers. You don’t have to make it as personal as the message in the thank you note, but a brief moment of recognition in front of the team at a morning staff meeting gives the thank you a little “trophy value” and an extra boost of pride.

What are some occasions where you wrote an employee a thank you note? What do you appreciate most about receiving one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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