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The Results Are In: Biggest Time Drains at Your Job

Whether you work a traditional 9-5 in-office job or are 100% remote, there will always be distractions and obstacles that keep you from being fully productive. And while some obstacles are out of our control, like unnecessary meetings and incoming emails, others may be self-inflicted, like indecisiveness or disorganization. Last Month, we asked our readers […]

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The Results Are In: Companies’ Plans to Handle the Extra Workload this Holiday Season

With the fourth quarter upon us, companies are beginning to anticipate the holiday rush. From higher production demands to seasonal upswings to managing employee holiday schedules, it can be difficult during the final months of the year to keep up with your organizational goals. (more…)

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The Results Are In: What Type of New Year’s Resolution Did You Make for 2022?

One of the most common activities to help ring in the new year is making resolutions. From reading more to learning a new hobby to investing in professional development, resolutions can span the full gamut. So as we closed the books on 2021 and welcomed in the new year, we asked our readers what type […]

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The Results Are In: Business Performance Predictions Optimistic for 2022

In December, we polled our readers about their business performance predictions for the new year, and after two years of ups and downs, the results show an overall optimistic outlook for 2022. The top response was “moderate growth” with 61% of the votes followed by “growth will be flat” in second with 18%, and “exponential […]

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The Results Are In: Benefits to Encourage Employees to Upskill

Employers across all industries are realizing the benefits of promoting career advancement and professional growth among their employees. In fact, a LinkedIn study found that 76% of Gen Z workers say learning and development is the key to a successful career, whereas 51% of learning and development professionals cite internal mobility is more of a […]

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The Results Are In: Two-Thirds Say Workforce Dynamics Will Be Worse When Employees Return to the Office

While some businesses eye the return of in-person workers after the COVID-19 pandemic, a question remains: will businesses be able to simply return to pre-March 2020 norms? According to a Gartner CFO survey, 74% of businesses plan to permanently shift some of their employees to remote work after the pandemic ends. However, those who are […]

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